Government Shocks People Yet Again

Already, people allover the country are facing innumerous difficulties to exchange, deposit or withdraw the cash at the banks and ATMs. The centre’s sudden decision to demonetize the 500 and 1000 rupee notes turned out to be a nightmare for the common people. Though the idea was good, the government has failed completely in its implementation. Everyday, it is coming up with a new rule to handle the situation. Earlier, it announced that ATMs will be caliberated within2-3 weeks, yesterday they said that all the customers will be inked on their fingers to avoid repetative visits and this morning, it announced yet another new rule.

Economic Affairs Secretary Of India, Shakti Kanta Das, has announced today that the cash exchange limit will be reduced to Rs. 2000 from Rs. 4000 with effect from November 18. He said that the specially deployed Task Force is sketching out the road map to recaliberate all the ATMs across the country.

The central government employees can withdraw Rs. 10000 salary advance which will be adjusted against their November salaries. People can withdraw upto Rs. 2.5 lakhs for weddings. The mother or the father of the bride/bridegroom can withdraw the money. The crop insurance time limit will be extended for next 15 days to help out the farmers.

Meanwhile, many people are alleging that the shortage of 100, 50 and lesser denomination has resulted the governmentto take such a drastic decision. They allge that the lack of planning is affecting the  common man very badly.