Heads and Tails Review

Heads and Tails Review

Sandeep Raj, who made his directorial debut with Color Photo has now scripted and created a film called Heads and Tales. Read our review to find out if this OTT film has any juice in it or not.


Heads and Tales is about an actress Anisha(Sri Vidya) who is facing abuse from her finance. She comes to the cops to complain about it and a lady constable Alivelu Manga(Divya Sripada) is given as security to her. This is also the time when a young girl called Shruthi(Cnadni) gets proposed. All these stories are interlinked and end in an interesting way. To know-how, one has to give the film a shot.


Sunil plays God in this film and his role is quite interesting. The way it has been written also looks nice in the setup. Anisha plays an actress and she looks misfit in the role. She had a lot to portray but she is not there yet. She does well in many scenes but the experience to pull off such a role is not there. Divya Sripada is just very good. Her dialogue delivery in the Seema slang and how she performs was good to see.


The film is about three women and their ideologies. How they overcome fear and get things done in life is the basic story. The setting and characters chosen are also good but the film falters in direction.

The basic impact and pain which the characters are going through are not established well. To keep the film crisp, the issues of the key characters are rushed for no reason.

What holds you are some scenes which showcase how women are being pushed down in life. But apart from this, the film has no drama at all. It is more or like a ten-minute drama that is dragged for no reason. The villain and conflict is fear which itself is not established hence making this a dull rubber.

Bottom Line – Has no depth

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