Puli Meka Web Series Review

Starring: Lavanya Tripathi, Aadi Sai Kumar, Suman, Siri Hanmanth, Raja Chembolu, Mukku Avinash, Sai Srinivas, Goparaju Ramana, Spandana Palli
Director: Chakravarthy Reddy
Producers: Kona Film Corporation (KFC) & ZEE5
Music Director: Praveen Lakkaraju
Cinematography: Ram K Mahesh
Editor: Chota K Prasad
Release Date : February 24, 2023

Puli Meka Web Series Review
Puli Meka

Puli Meka Web Series marks the OTT debut of Lavanya and Aadi Saikumar. Kona Venkat has created this web series which is now streaming on Zee 5. Read our review to find out if the series has any juice in it or not.

Puli Meka Web Series Review

The police department is in shock as a serial killer is targeting them and is killing cops one after the other. In comes Kiran Prabha a top cop to deal with the case. She is assisted by Prabhakar(Aadi Saikumar) and they both start the investigation. Upon a time, a twist that is revealed shocks the viewer as it has the involvement of a key person in the story. Who is that killer and how did the cops nab him is the story.
Lavanya Tripathi is the soul of the show and if the series is gripping, it is only because of her. One would have doubt as to how she would pull off a cop’s role but Lavanya is impressive and gives an instant impact as Kiran Prabhas. Aadi has a subtle role and he does so well in his character. He is very good in this series. Siri Hanmant has a very good role and has made sure she draws a lot of attention. Senior actor Suman gets the role of his life and is so good.
What’s Good
Twists and Turns
Lavanya’s role
Last four episodes
What’s Bad
Slow Pace
Family drama

Puli Meka Web Series Review & Analysis

Kona Venkat has penned this series and he has written the story in a way it has everything for everyone. There is romance, family drama, and also thrills in the last few episodes. But if one has to enjoy the thrills, he has to sit through some boring family scenes featuring Raja Chembolu. His track has no use and only makes sense in the end.
The series starts with a serial killer on the loose and this aspect creates interest right away. But the romance part keeps getting in the way as the scenes of Aadi and Lavanya’s romance bores the audience in a big way. The manner in which the serious story is distracted by melodrama was no need at all. But once the main twist is revealed, the series becomes quite interesting. The manner in which Lavanya gets a transformation has been brought out so well.
After a while, one gets a doubt as to how director Chakravarthy will hold the investigation which has become easy. But he flips the story and involves the heroine in the angle and this breathes fire into the story. From here, the show picks on and manages to entertain in a big way. The BGM is also good and the way the show is shot also looks good.
Kona Venkat has taken some liberties in his script but he has made sure that the audience does not get disappointed by the end. The series has thrills, twists, and some boring family drama but for the most part, it engages you and the icing on the cake is the runtime of each episode which is just half an hour each. So, give it a shot happily.
Bottom Line – Serial Killer thriller with a twist

Puli Meka Web Series Review & Rating: 3/5

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