High budget for Rana’s Hiranyakaspia

Versatile filmmaker Guna Sekhar is getting ready for his next movie now. The sensational director’s last film is Rudhramadevi and he is now coming up with an exciting historic drama based on the life of Hiranyakasipa.

Suresh Babu is going to bankroll the project along with a leading Bollywood production house. The pre-production work already started long back and the makers are planning to make it in Telugu and Hindi languages. Made on a budget of Rs 180 crores, the film will be telling the story of Hiranyakashyapa who got killed by one of the avatars of Vishnu.

The interesting buzz is that 16-17 International studios are working on the VFX work for Hiranyakashyapa. The VFX is going to be a major highlight in the movie. The film will officially begin from the month of June.