Hyderabad Karachi Bakery Fined After Customer Finds Worms In Food

The most iconic food outlet Karachi Bakery from Ameerpet branch was finalised of Rs 5,000 by the GHMC for selling unedible food. The matter surface online after the customer identified as Deepak posted on the chocolates with wriggling worms. Subsequently, GHMC took up the matter and raided the stores and sent the samples in food testing lab. “The sweets were well within the expiry date. My wife first noticed a white powdered substance on the sweets. We couldn’t really decide if the sweets were contaminated or not. In the second piece she took, there were worms wriggling out of it. We found worms in two more sweets and the remaining had a white powdered substance on top of it,” Deepak said.

GHMC Raids Hyderabad Karachi Bakery

“Though Karachi was not the manufacturer of the sold product, it has been fined for selling unhygienic food. The corporation as a safety measure, has collected three more samples and sent it to the food sampling testing lab in Nacharam for further investigation,” said GHMC Food Safety Inspector Mr. Sudharshan Reddy.