Is Comedian Ali again switching party?

Comedian Ali after much dilly-dallying on his political plunge joined YSRCP. The move came as a surprise for many as Ali being one the closest friends of Pawan Kalyan thought of joining Jana Sena. Talking about his political course, Ali said, “I prefer to keep our friendship separate from politics and cinema. Besides, Pawan didn’t invite me to join his party, so I didn’t.” But looks like his political plunge has not yet come close as buzz has it that Ali may again switch party.

Reportedly, Ali is unhappy with YSRCP for not given an MLA ticket and is said to be pestering Pawan’s brother Naga Babu to get him a ticket from Guntur. Well, it is to be seen if Ali’s lobbying fetches him results or come as futile as the Jana Sena has already announced its list of candidates for the coming Andhra Pradesh assembly elections.