Is Hippi inspired from Hollywood films?

Every writer and director tends to come up with an idea either by reading or by taking inspiration from foreign films. They can even take inspiration from old films too.

Hippie seems to be an inspired movie from Hollywood teen films that talk about love and lust. Films like Spring Breakers, Wild Things, Boogie Nights come to our mind when we look at the teaser and comedy seems to follow Adam Sandler tone.

The character is all about how wild people can live without falling into regular structures of society. Hippies are a culture group that are more wild spread in the USA and a few other countries. Here, director TN Santosh could be using the free-spirited.

The pool kissing scenes and the wild scenes do give throwbacks to many Hollywood films as we mentioned above. Digangana Survyavanshi and Jazba Singh are acting as lady leads. Karthikeya, RX100 hero is playing the lead.