Is Pawan Pairing Up With Mayawati?

Jana Sena is proving the adage “much ado about nothing” right. Though launched a good four years ago, it has no organizational infrastructure worth the salt. There is no leader of note except perhaps one of two. There is no clarity about who the constituency incharges are and who ae going to be the candidates. One would expect Jana Sena boss Pawan Kalyan to focus on these. But, in a typically Sardar Gabbar Singh style, he has focused on national politics. So, left state politics in the lurch and rushed to Lucknow to meet Mayawati.

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan To Meet BSP President Mayawati

Every party wants to win the home and go on to capture the world. But, Pawan seems to think otherwise. He has not done anything to strengthen the party locally, but is aspiring to go national.

He had taken some ‘intellectuals,’ Dalit leaders and others to Lucknow to meet Mayawati. What transpired at the meeting is not known. But, Pawan appears to be using the Dalit card to woo the voters in Telangana and AP. So, will he have an electoral alliance with the BSP?