Mega Family Going Gaga Over Upasana!

The Mega family is in a celebratory mood these days. Clicks of their celebrations are flooding the social media. There is yet another reason to celebrate. Chiru’s youngest daughter Srija is carrying again. So, this called for another celebration.

Recently, the Mega family celebrated the event in a grand manner at their Jubilee Hills home. All the members of the Allu family, including Allu Aravind were there to add more colour. It was in fact, Mega daughter in law Upasana Kamineni’s plan to have this Do. She ensured that none misses the programme. In fact, Upasana ensures that no event worth celebrating is missed. She ensures everyone is there to join the celebrations. Everyone in the Mega family is going gaga over Upasana. Chiru, who loves spending quality time with the family, is also very happy that his daughter in law too shares the same values.