Naresh requests film workers to call off the strike

The employees of various crafts in TFI have called for a strike to increase their wages. This has upset a few shoots as well in the last two days.

Senior actor, Naresh has responded and said ” The media is buzzing with news that a few unions have pressurized the federation of TFI to stop shootings with immediate effect. It is our right to ask for a raise in wages. But we should remember that the majority of the TFI mainly the families of small technicians & actors went without food & medication & the producers suffered severe financial setbacks & just recuperating.

Adding further he says “Almost 20 units are in outdoor locations. A knee-jerk stop will crush not only the producers but also the lower financial strata members who are the majority.
As a son of the TFI, it is my humble appeal to go slow on the lockdown & negotiate. Kindly cooperate with the federation & producers to avert a major crisis”.

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