Natyam Movie Review

Starring: Sandhya Raju, Kamal Kamaraj, Rohit Behal, Aditya Menon, Subalekha Sudhakar, Bhanupriya, Rukmini Vijayakumar, Baby Devina, Hyper Adhi
Director: Revanth Korukonda
Producers: Nishrinkala films
Music Director: Shravan Bharadwaj
Editor: Revanth Korukonda
Release Date : October 22,2021

Natyam Movie Review

Professional dancer, Sandhya Raju has turned actor with a film called Natyam. The dance-based film is now out on the big screens and, read our review to know if the film has any juice in it or not.


The film is based in a fictional village called Natyam. Sitara played by Sandhya Raju is a trained dancer and her dream is to take dance to the next level. This is the time a man called Rohit comes to the village and asks Sitara to take part in a dance competition. But Sitara has restrictions in her village and the people there do not support her in dancing. How does Sitara for come such big problems in life and makes dance a winner is the crux of the story?


The film is about dance so Sandhya Raju should be spoken about first. She looks good on screen and has been showcased quite well by the director. Sandhya Raju’s dances are very good and the various ways of dance that she showcases are interesting. After a long time, Kamal Kamaraju gets a good role and he is very impressive. Aditya Menon overacts to no extent.


Dance-based films have more or the less same story. But here in Natyam, the director narrated multiple tracks of romance, dance, and village problems. The setup and the way all this is brought into the story are good.

But the execution part after the main story is unleased is bad. There is no depth in the emotion as only dance is given importance and not the drama in the story.

The choreography and camera work are just amazing but the narration is so slow. You know what is coming your way. Such films are made to elevate dances but Natayam tries too hard to impress and in the process falters. Watch it only for the dances.

Bottom Line – Nothing New

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