Opinion: Maintain etiquette during virtual meeting plz

Webinar has become very important to give interviews on the eve of the movie releases. It saves time from going to convention centres and film chambers for pre-release events and it could also be an interesting conversation of people across different websites and print media. During this pandemic, it has become a blessing in disguise wherein a person need not wear a mask and sit in front of the computer and file the story immediately for consumption. We can multi-task if it is a personal show but if it is meant to be a formal one, the people might as well pull up their socks, pants and whatever and sit straight. There is a dire need for propriety when facing the camera; agree you are sitting comfortably in your home but the comfort need not be seen by others. Please don’t forget people are observing you and your expressions, your body language. Some come unprepared and grapple for words and talk crap and in the meantime the audience gets restless. It is a never ending process where we wait and pray for the host to intervene and shift focus to another person. Recently, we aren’t taking names, saw a reputed character actor reclining or leaning back on his chair and talking and all we could see of the gentleman was his pot belly which was a ghastly sight. There was one actress on a news channel whose turn didn’t come yet and we could see from the window that she was restless, hungry and grabbed a bite while the camera caught her unawares. She didn’t bother to go offline. Another person came for a movie promotion wearing ‘a ‘banyan’ or was it a sleeveless shirt? No, it wasn’t. One starlet was putting on lipstick. We also saw an anchor of a Youtube channel wearing an off-shoulder dress and in between she was pulling it up umpteen times while the cooker whistle could be heard, thrice in the background and monkey going up and down a branch of a tree behind her window. The hosts of webinar are clueless and worried about pursuing them of online etiquette, they are sure that if they tell him dos and don’ts they won’t come online next time. One character actor refused to come online because his name was not displayed on his window, oh my.. what an ego! One actress just wanted to be heard and not seen, maybe she is not confident of her looks, that’s okay but it is a bit weird addressing a blank space. Hopefully, in the days to come, we might see some polished visuals and behaviour.

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