Pawan Kalyan Sweet Gesture For His Guru

Pawan Kalyan considers Sriram as his guru, who was not only his English teacher but played a pivotal role in PK’s spiritual course of the journey. Recently, the actor had released a song from  Aatagadara Siva. And the film’s hero Uday Shankar is none other than his guru’s son.

Pawan Kalyan With His Guru’s Son Uday

“I know Uday Shankar’s father Sriram garu, as he was my guru. I always called him as ‘Sir’ and he was my English teacher. He played an important role in my spiritual journey and I am happy that his son Uday Shankar is playing the lead in this film. I know Uday from his childhood and wish him great success,” said Pawan Kalyan.

The film  Aatagadara Siva is directed by Chandra Siddharth of Aa Naluguru fame and PK said, “I watched Chandra Siddharth’s Aa Naluguru and found it to be unique. I am sure that this film will also be very good.”

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