PlayStation games on smartphones

For all the game freaks, exciting news come your way as Sony the top brand is going to release a number of PlayStation games on mobile in 2017. Over the last few years mobile gaming has taken peaks and with the extensive usage of smartphones the mobile gaming had an extended space to engage people. Sony will start rolling out its smartphone versions of PlayStation games like PaRappa the Rapper, Everbody’s Golf, and Arc The Lad.

The mobile version PlayStation games will first be started in Japan and later will be released in Asian countries eventually. The Sony has a tough competition from Japan and one of the rival gaming companies is Nintendo. Sony’s PlayStation 4 had significantly good sales which surpassed the success of Microsoft’s Xbox in the past years but there is a stiff competition from Japan which claims more than half of its market in mobile gaming.

Sony has decided to venture into mobile gaming with PlayStation titles which are already very familiar for the gamers. The company would generate good revenue by in-app purchases and payable downloads but the analysts are wary about the company doing well in the mobile gaming as the games which have already been on this platform have not lasted long, the analysts say the company though attracts the gamers, the same franchise can’t be played on current PlayStation consoles . So let’s wait to see the big new in the mobile gaming with PlayStation titles from Sony. The company also has stated that it’s coming up with a project introducing a new way of playing card games. This new endeavor has a specially designed pad and playing cards that can be connected to smartphones through Bluetooth. The company said they are setting a new platform that has a different playing style which has not existed till now. Summing up they claimed “we want to add digital spice to the experience of touching an analogue thing”.