Poll dates spell trouble for TDP

The politics have suddenly hotted up in the two Telugu states, especially in Andhra Pradesh what with the Election Commission announcing the polling schedule. With the elections being held for AP in the first phase itself, the political activity has begun in all its intensity. The election process would be completed within just one month. The parties have to announce their candidates, conduct the campaign and then fight the election in just one month’s time. The process of filing of nominations will begin in just one week’s time.

So, which party is in an advantageous position and which party will be put to a loss? It is clear that the dates favour the YSRCP, whose organisation is well-oiled and whose leader has been among the people for over a year. He has addressed countless public meetings and toured the whole state. He has already penetrated into the rural areas and had a direct voter interface. As for the TDP, it is lagging behind.

Already the party is facing dissidence and has many troubling issues to contend with. Several of its key leaders have already joined the YSRCP. For several MP seats, the TDP does not have proper candidates. The poll schedule too has put the TDP in a quandary. While the YSRCP has decided to go it alone, the TDP is facing problems because its likely alliance with the Congress and Jana Sena is yet to take shape. If the alliance is announced, several TDP aspirants might be deprived of tickets. This is likely to fuel further dissidence.

Undeclared alliances and secret understandings might also hit the party badly.
The Centre’s decision to conducts polls to both AP and Telangana on the same date will also mean that the TDP would not be able to move its supporters in Telangana to AP for voting. TDP tried this trick last time and succeeded in beating the YSRCP. This time around, it is not possible to do that as the polling is held on the same date.

There is another tension for the political parties in AP and Telangana. The elections would be held on April 11, but the counting of votes would be taken up only on May 23. This means, the parties will have a long and arduous wait of nearly 40 days to know the result.