Priya Prakash Wink On Cricket Ground Wins Netizens Hearts

Remeber the wink sensation girl Priya Prakash Varrier? The 18-year-old is back in the news for her latest advertisement in connection with ensuing IPL 2018. In the latest advertisement, Priya is seen munching Nestle Munch on a cricket ground. As she relishes her chocolate, a cricket player asks Priya to pass the ball. To which, she iterates Amitabh Bachchan hit dialogue from Deewar. “Main phenki hu cheez nahin uthhati (I don’t pick up thrown away things).” Then the player says, “Badaa attitude hai (You have a lot of atitude).” To this, Priya winks at the player saying, “Free ka hai (It’s for free).”

The sweet banter between Priya and the player has won the netizens hearts.

Check out the video here…