Professor Dancing Video Like Chiranjeevi Goes Viral

A video of a man dancing at a ceremony has taken the entire nation by storm. The man identified is Sanjeev Shrivastava, assistant professor of electronics in Bhopal.  Shrivastava has become popular as “uncle ji” and can give heroes a run for their money with his swag moves. Th dance of 46-year-old is no less than Tollywood Megastar Chiranjeevi. The professor has left Twitterati in amusement. Check the video:

Givinda Style Dance At Wedding Will Blow Your Mind

The video has left netizens berserk, so much that, a parody has been made on him. The video has also caught the attention of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who took to Twitter heaping praises on Sanjeev Shrivastava. The video was originally uploaded by Shrivastava’s brother-in-law. When asked how feels about the recognition he attained overnight, he says that he is yet to come to terms and is overwhelmed. Shrivastava, though a professor has a passion for dance, who went on to win some dance competition consecutively in the 80s. "MAIN SE MEENA SE NA SAQI SE"GOVINDA'S SONG

Posted by ROJ KA DOSE on Friday, June 1, 2018