Ram Charan’s emotional words

Ram Charan’s emotional words for late fan Noor Mohammad is doing the rounds on social media. Charan who graced the popular awards show in Chennai was awarded with ‘.The People’s Entertainer Par Excellence award’. Charan gave an emotional speech and dedicated the award to the lat fan.

Ram Charan said, “We are all so existing and so energetic because of our fans. Noor, he is a great person and has inspired me and my father since last 12 years, since I became an actor. Noor Mohammad, one of the oldest oldest fan passed away today and I feel he gave me this award. The fans are there in all of us. I dedicate this to him, we love you sir, we miss you.”

Addressing Noor as a family member, Ram Charan wrote on Facebook, “Fans are family.  Noor ji was always full of positivity and was known for his helping nature.  He inspired the young generation.” Charan had earlier announced Rs 10 lakh aid to Noor’s family.
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