Rangabali ends as one of the biggest flops in Naga Shaurya’s career

The makers of Rangabali created enough noise with the spoof promotions of the film. But still, Rangabali did not create any effect on the openings as the film started with bad talk.

Upon this, the makers aired the film one day in advance and this also backfired big time for the film. The talk from the special shows was very bad and everyone slammed the second half.

All this showed in the openings and now the film is out on many screens in Telugu states. In fact, Rangabali did not even make three crores which is a shame for the likes of Naga Shaurya.

The young hero has all the talent but he is not choosing proper films in his career. All his last few films have ended as mega-flops at the box office. Let’s see what will he do from now on.

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