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Razakar movie review: A tale of history and not just a story

Razakar review

Release Date: 15 March 2024
Language: Telugu
Genre: Action
Cast: Bobby Simha, Raj Arjun, Anasuya Bharadwaj
Director: Yata Satyanarayana
Cinematography: Kushender Ramesh Reddy
Music: Bheems
Producer: Gudur Narayana Reddy
Rating: 3/5

Amidst the backdrop of India’s independence, the struggle for liberation continued in the city of Hyderabad, where aspirations clashed with political ambitions. Guduru Narayana Reddy’s production, ‘Razakar,’ directed by Yata Satyanarayana, offers a poignant portrayal of this tumultuous period, shedding light on a chapter often overlooked in history books.

The Story Unfolds…

Set in the aftermath of India’s partition in 1947, ‘Razakar’ navigates the intricate web of politics and power dynamics in Hyderabad. As the British departed, the Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Usman Ali Khan, harbored ambitions of autonomy, defying the tide of national integration. Fueling his aspirations was the rise of the Razakar militia, led by Qasim Razvi, unleashing a reign of terror upon the predominantly Hindu population.

Against this backdrop, the narrative follows the valiant resistance of the people, buoyed by the leadership of Sardar Patel. Operation Polo, a pivotal moment in history, unfolds as the Indian government intervenes to liberate Hyderabad from the clutches of tyranny.

Technical Brilliance…

Bringing history to life on the silver screen demands more than mere spectacle; it requires a meticulous blend of narrative prowess and technical finesse. ‘Razakar’ excels on both fronts, thanks to Guduru Narayana Reddy’s vision and Yata Satyanarayana’s directorial acumen.

From the sprawling landscapes to the gritty urban milieu, every frame captures the essence of the era, transporting viewers to a bygone era. The attention to detail, from costumes to set design, lends authenticity to the narrative, immersing audiences in the tumult of the times.

The director’s deft hand ensures a seamless fusion of historical events, weaving a tapestry of heroism and sacrifice. Emotionally charged sequences, punctuated by stirring performances, resonate long after the credits roll. Bheem’s evocative background score and Anasuya’s soul-stirring rendition of Bathukamma add depth to the narrative, elevating ‘Razakar’ beyond mere entertainment.

A Stellar Cast…

At the heart of ‘Razakar’ lies a stellar ensemble cast, breathing life into characters both heroic and villainous. Raj Arjun’s portrayal of Qasim Razvi exudes menace, while Makarand Deshpande imbues Mir Usman Ali Khan with gravitas. Tej Sapru’s nuanced performance as Sardar Patel lends credence to the historical drama, anchoring the narrative with conviction.

Anasuya’s poignant portrayal of Chakali Ailamma strikes a chord, serving as a beacon of hope amidst adversity. Indraja, Bobby Simha, and Narayan Rao Pawar deliver commendable performances, adding depth to the ensemble cast.


‘Razakar’ transcends the boundaries of cinema, offering a compelling retelling of a forgotten chapter in history. While a few VFX scenes may falter, they pale in comparison to the film’s overarching narrative brilliance. In sum, ‘Razakar’ is more than a movie; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people yearning for freedom—a must-watch for cinephiles and history enthusiasts alike.

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