Reason revealed Why Jai Killed in Climax?

Jr.NTR is basking in the glory of his recent latest outing Jai Lava Kusa and it is giving a tough time for Spyder film at Dasara Box Office.


Jai Lava Kusa received a stupendous response from the audience and Jai Character has become most popular among the audience.


Jr.NTR’s fans and the audience they didn’t like killing Jai Character at end of the movie. Do you want to the reason why they have killed? Jr.NTR’s Idea Killing Jai in the climax.


Jr.NTR’s Says, He said he always felt Amithabh should not have died in Deewar and Sholay. But, now he feels it was right they had to go through a lot of mental tension. “The same holds true for Jai and I strongly felt that his dying at the end will actually do good to the film”.