Release delay to kill Viswasam?

Viswasam was a blockbuster hit in Tamil. Released this Sankranthi, this ended up as the biggest grosser in a single language. The film put an end to the drought run of Ajith and has put him back on the pedestal. Now, the Telugu dubbing of the film is set for release on March 1.

But, from February 25, the streaming of the Tamil version with sub-titles will start on the Amazon Prime. So, those who want to watch the movie would rather prefer to watch it in the mobile or laptop. So, who will watch the Telugu dubbing? Except rural audience, not many would watch in the theatres.

The producers have delayed the release in Telugu. Had the film been released anytime between January 25 to February third week, it would have done well in the theatres. Due to the delay, by the time the Telugu version is released, the people would have already watched the Tamil version with sub-titles. Vishal’s detective too suffered the same fate.