Review: ATM Working

P. Sunil Kumar Reddy, who made Gangaputrulu has brought us a new age film called ATM Working which is based on demonetization.

The story of the film is based on a guy called Ananth who starts the business of printing fake currency. The bad luck starts for him when Modi government announces note ban decision. What did Akash do in such situations is the entire crux of the film.


Sunil Kumar Reddy’s way of showcasing the problems of note ban is very nice. Heroine Karunya provides the necessary eye candy. Mahesh and Trilok give a decent performance as hero’s friends. Rest of the cast is just not up to the mark. Lead hero Pawan needs serious action coaching as he is horrible in the film

Technical Overview and Analysis: 

The first half is okay with common man’s problems post demonetization which is narrated in a very funny way. Thrillers like these need a good screenplay which is completely missing in this film.
Not even a single issue which is kick-started during the beginning is ended or explained a decent way making this film worse than a short film experience.


Better watch a good short film on You Tube
Rating 1.75/5