Review: chitrangada


Cashing in on the trend of the horror thriller, star heroine Anjali has come forward with a female oriented film called Chitrangada. The film is directed by Ashok who earlier made Pilla Zamindar


Chitra played by Anjali keeps getting some very weird dreams where she witnesses a dreaded murder. Upon investigation, she finds out that her dream has a link in US and she embarks on a journey to find out what the fact of the murder is.

Performances: –

Anjali looks out of place in the film and hams to no extent. She is shown mostly in western dresses and looks odd in a very horrible get up. Only thing was good was the performance of Arjun Bajwa who did the negative role. Rest of the actors like Swathi Dixit and Jaya Prakash only overact through the film.

Technical and Overal Analysis:-

The film is shot lavishly in the US as the money spent looks on the screen. But things fall flat because of the director Ashok who picks up a very good story but does not do any justice to it. He takes the film here and there for no reason and confuses the audience. Music is horrible and the noise that the background score creates will just eat away your ears. Overall, a film that could have been a lot better falls flat.

One Line Verdict:-

Too loud and disappointing