RGV hurts Andhraites

Controversy’s favourite child Ram Gopal Varma recently announced his next dubbed – Tiger KCR, a biopic on Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. Many believed that the motive for the biopic could be RV’s retaliation as his recently released movie -Lakshmi’s NTR was put on hold in Andhra Pradesh. The filmmaker, however stated that this is not against Andhra people but would showcase only those who have had hurt KCR.

RGV recently released a song from Tiger KCR, now this has hurt the  Andhraites. In this video, the song sung by RGV he is seen mocking  Andhraites . It goes as  “Ma Mukala meeda voosinav.. maa body la meeda nadisinav andhroda”. RGV shared a video on Instagram where he is seen crooning to the song.

Apart from that RGV while announcing the film title, he mocked Chandrababu Naidu with alluding comments saying, “KCR and YSR are the only politicians to successfully groom their children to be worthy of them, unlike the politician in the neighbouring state of Telangana …Only the greatest of political leaders can create a biological and ideological legacy”. However, it is to be seen if RGV films the biopic or like it will be mere announcement like Nayeem, Jayalalithaa.