After NTR, it’s KCR for RGV

After a biopic on Sr NTR, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is back with a biopic on another politician. Well, we are not talking of Sasikala, but Telanagan chief minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao.  RGV announced the title poster which reads, “Tiger KCR” with a tagline ‘The Aggressive Gandhi. “It is a biopic of KTR’s father from the time he couldn’t bear the 3rd class treatment being given to Telangana people by the Andhras, and how he fought in a fiery way to achieve Telangana state”, he tweeted.

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Apart from that RGV also mocked at Chandrababu Naidu with alluding comments saying, “KCR and YSR are the only politicians to successfully groom their children to be worthy of them, unlike the politician in the neighbouring state of Telangana …Only the greatest of political leaders can create a biological and ideological legacy”. However, it is to be seen if RGV films the biopic or like it will be mere announcement like Nayeem, Jayalalithaa.