Sekhar Kammula Files Complaint On Man For Collecting Money On His Name

Sekhar Kammula filed a police complaint against a fraudster for impersonating him and cheating aspiring actors by collecting money from the victims promising them to launch in a movie. The fraudster posted an ad on Quikr and OLX on Fidaa director’s name about seeking fresh faces for his upcoming flick. The ad asked the gullible people to deposit a fee between Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,800 to the mentioned bank details. However, a victim sensed it awry approached police station and filed a complaint. The dubious and ran for 25 days.

In a similar incident that happened with Sekhar Kammula, two persons conned the owner of leading website in Hyderabad. The fraudsters duped people and collected money in the name of the website owner. In the first case, a woman dubbing artist from Vizag claiming to be marketing manager of popular brands lured people on the pretext of promotions and collected over a lakh.

In the second incident, a fraudster working with a spiritually inclined television channel in Hyderabad duped the owner of a website by claiming more money than the actual discussed price. The fraudster promised of funding cameras for which the price was fixed. However, after a certain period of time, a third-party member comes in claiming to be owning cameras and demanded to pay much more than what was spoken off. However, when the website owner credited the entire amount, the two fraudsters run away taking the cameras without refunding the amount.

Lastly, the conmen are trying to get money fraudulently by claiming about their parents ill-health. For instance, a man requested for money stating that his parents have been admitted to Apollo Hospital. However, these people are failing to forget that they lose their credibility and cause a dent to themselves. Cases have been filed against the fraudsters and the law will take its own course.

Director Sekhar Kammula Files Police Complaint

The plot came to light when the victim approached the director seeking the opportunity. Sekhar Kammula was shocked to see how his name was being used to collect money online. The website ran for around 25 days, and this is the first such case being reported. “We are sure there are many more victims that have fallen into the trap,” said Raghu Vir, Cyber Crime Assistant Commissioner of Police. The police are probing the matter and the director who was shocked to know about this came forward to lend his help in the matter.