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Shivani and Shivatmika Rajasekhar, who is hotter?

Shivathmika Shivani Rajasekhar who is hotter
This is the major discussion that is now on social media these days. Rajasekhar is one of the noted actors in Telugu cinema. His two daughters, Shivani and Shivatmika are into films. They did some movies but no one noticed them one bit.
But now, they have changed the game and have upped the glamor quotient. Both sisters are seen in sizzling avatars and are taking social media by storm. 
A few days back, during the teach for change event hosted by Manchu Lakshmi both Shivani and Shivatmika sizzled in gorgeous outfits and shocked one and all.
The scene now is that both the sisters are competing among themselves as to who can be bolder. But social media is not complaining as both these ladies are looking lovely and we are not complaining. 

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