Why did this producer say sorry to SP Balasubramanyam

Legendary singer SP Balasubramanyam’s son SP Charan is also a renowned singer in both Tamil and Telugu industries. Charan has got a name for himself for his voice and has sung more than 2500 songs in his career. Recently, he was present at a chat show hosted by Ali and shared some unknown facts about his life.

Not many know that Charan is also a producer. He produced about six films in Kollywood. He said that his dad invested money for his first project, but it ended up as a flop. Though the second film got a positive talk, the investors ended up in losses. Both the investments were made through SPB’s money.

“My third film was a success. Boosted up with its success, I produced three more films in Tamil which again ended up as flops. Thus, we went again into losses. But even after these mistakes, dad never discouraged me in anything. He always supported me. I want to say sorry to him on this platform, for all the mistakes I have done,” said Charan.