Sri Reddy Praises RGV Officer

Controversial maker Sri Reddy is back and how? The actress who usually flays people for their misdemeanour is found praising a filmmaker, who is none other than Ram Gopal Varma. The small-time actress has heaped praises on RGV’s recent film Officer starring Nagarjuna.

Controversial Actress Sri Reddy Review On RGV’s Officer

“Officer is a great movie..nagarjuna garu did a very good job and rgv is a great director..unnecessary penta fans negative publicity chesthunnaru..pichi rajakeeyalu this movie with out any family nunchi movies vochinapudu kuda chuskundam,” her post on Facebook reads.

Coming to Officer, RGV and Nagarjuna have collaborated after two decades thus raising the expectation levels. IN the film Nagarjuna essays a cop who fights on his colleague to seise the underworld mafia. However, the film has opened to mixed response and the poor ratings have been given by the reviewers.