Star Hero As Hiranyakashapa

Director Gunashekar is known for building the replica sets for many historical monuments. He is also good in handling the mythological and historical subjects. His last film Rudhrama Devi was also a box-office success. After that, he announced that hew will make a sequel to Rudhramadevi, titled Prathapa Rudrudu. But a couple of days back, his team has registered the title Hiranyakashapa in the film chamber. With this, everyone thought that he is making a film of this mythological character.

Gunashekhar finally confirmed the news in a recent interview. He sad that he is the fan of the story of Bhakta Prahlada. He is even a bigger fan of the character Hiranyakashapa. Thus, he wants to show Bhakta Prahlada’s story in Hiranyakashapa’s point of view. Gunashekar revealed that a star hero will act in this film and he will announce the rest of the details in next film. Meanwhile, he also confirmed that he will start Prathapa Rudhrudu in 2018.