Kaushal Manda dragged to court

The fight between Kaushal Manda and a section of his Kaushal Army is in the public platform for the past few days. And the ugly fight is getting all the murkier as Kaushal Manda is being dragged to court. Former Bigg Boss contestant Tanish Alladi has issued a statement that he would file a defamation case against Kaushal for maligning him and dragging him in the issue as he is nowhere related to it.

“In an attempt to defend himself, Kaushal has drawn me into petty issues. I have no clue on the happenings around him. After the exit from Bigg Boss Telugu 2, I never spoke a single word against him. Don’t know why he targets me”, said Tanish.

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“I request Kaushal to prove the allegations against me. I have faced the wrath of his fan brigade already and my family suffered a lot. Even then I did not react. Now that Kaushal has taken my name in the recent press meet and shared my pictures on Social Media profiles, I am going to proceed with legal notices against him”, Tanish added.

Kaushal recently shared a picture on social media which showed anti-Kaushal Army supporters standing with Tanish alluding that its Tanish behind the provocative thing.