TDP’s biggest worry – Lokesh Babu?

Now that the campaigning is over, the leaders will have to focus on poll management. They have to ensure that they have to get all their supporters to the booths and make them vote for them.

The ruling TDP is now busy analysing the positives and negatives of their campaign and their party’s five-year track record. They are now worried over some key minus points. One of their biggest worries is Nara Lokesh. His entry into the direct election is their biggest cause for worry. The way he campaigned and the way he addressed the meetings is the topic of comic relief. When several YouTube channels elicited opinions of the people on Lokesh, they remarked with a lot of sarcasm and made light of his speeches. This has left the TDP worried. This could not have come at the worst time as Chandrababu is planning to declare his son the CM if the party gets a majority.

The party is already facing anti-incumbency and is handicapped because it is going alone in the elections. The party has never fought alone. The party is worried over these things. Lokesh Babu’s negative image as a clownish leader is damaging the party badly. Many leaders are saying this off the record.

Many feel that Lokesh is proving to be a minus point for the party and is causing the party graph to fall down. These voices will become stronger if the party gets defeated in the upcoming elections.

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