This Mithai has gone sour

There was unusual hype around Mithai. This film had Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna. They first released the adult content in the film. Then they released comedy bits. Even the videos released had double entendres. Even during the promotional interviews, they went overboard. But, when the film was finally released, there was nothing sweet about the movie.

Those who watched the film went back with an unbearable headache. The reviewers too gave a big thumbs down. Now, Rahul Ramakrishna took to Twitter to apologise for the failure of the film. He said he expected this outcome. We tried to repair things, but couldn’t. We had promoted the film due to unavoidable reasons. I apologise for the sour experience in the theatres,” he wrote.

Rahul’s tweet was worse than the film itself. As a result, the trolls are now baying for his blood on social media.