Time Bunny’s PR Team Stops its Frenzied Campaigns

Everyone knows how Bunny is working hard to improve his fan following down south and how he is working to expand his market across the country. Today, he is a star celebrity in Kerala and is immensely popular in Karnataka too. But, it is the over-hyping by his PR team that is proving to be a big put-off for many.

The PR team goes overboard in projecting Bunny. They are projecting him as if he is the biggest star in South India. They social media especially crosses all limits while projecting and promoting him. Recently they tried to project him as social media king. Earlier, he was called Stylish Star These days, he is being called Southern Star. While the real aim is to expand his market across South India, it could even boomerang.

There are many ‘Southern’ stars. Some of them are quite popular. One one hand, Bunny’s recent films like DJ, Naa Peru Surya have all flopped while the films of other heroes have been declared a hit. Given this, why should his social media and PR team go on an overdrive? Will Bunny counsel his PR team on this?