To Fix Critical Bug Paytm Release New iOS Update


With the effect of demonetisation in the country we see that many people are going for online transactions. As part of that Paytm has become a common and everyday part of our lives to go for receiving or paying amounts to different people. We observe that majority of the people are making their transactions with Paytm whether it is a small amount or a large amount to be paid. Paytm has said earlier that it has found a bug in its iOS application and the reason is that its users are facing frequent service outrages. After this Paytm has admitted that its iOS application has a bug and has rolled out updates for its uses. For this they introduced 5.8.2 version which is going to fix this critical bug. They also asked its users to update their application immediately. In order to make its users aware of this version the notification reads as the option remind later or ignore. A part from this the users who are not on the latest iOS version are receiving a different notification where when they open Paytm it directly took them to a link to the App Store in order to update the application. This update is 55.7 MB in total size.

There could be different reasons for such problems like sudden increase of number of users and huge increase in the traffic. So, it is advisable to all the users to check the updates from time to time and use the Paytm since its usage has become a common part of our everyday transactions these days.