Director Asked Actress If She Would Have Sex With A Dog

The #MeToo movement has opened can of worms in Bollywood and many women accused director Sajid Khan of obscene remarks and sexual misconduct. Now, another actress Aahana Kumra has come in public exposing Sajid’s indecent remarks. The actress said that once Sajid asked her if she would have sex with a dog if he would give her Rs 100 crore.

Aahana Kumra: Sajid Khan Asked Me, Would Have Sex With A Dog For Rs 100 Crore

“I had a meeting with Sajid Khan about a year ago, knowing the fact that he is a shady guy. I met him and he did the same thing that Saloni (Chopra) has written about him. Same drill — you go to his house, you are escorted to his room which is pretty dark. He makes you watch what he’s watching. He did not make a pass at me, but he said that he wanted to get to know me. When I asked him why we can’t sit outside, he said his mother was sitting there so why trouble her,” Aahana said.

“I asked him to switch on the lights of the room, which he did. You have to be assertive here. He wanted to chat with me. I told him my mom’s a police officer which I think made him behave. But he still asked me bizarre questions like, ‘Would you have sex with a dog if I gave you ‘100 crores’? He didn’t touch me,” she said.

“I guess he was trying to give me gyaan on how I need to be a dumbf*** or laugh at his sexist jokes, if I wanted to be a mainstream heroine in his films. He implied that I think too much and that I am too vocal about what I think. Hence, I am not mainstream actress material. Point being, you can meet anyone, but be wise about who you work with,” she added.