Why Didn’t The Production House Give The Birthday Greeting Ad?

New production houses give more importance to hype and less importance to money. But, seasoned production houses are circumspect and react in a more measured manner. They do not even show the minimum excitement.

Take the case of a big director. He celebrated his birthday recently and there were reports that there would be a flurry of adversitements in the media. So, his buddies too flooded the media with advertisements. One production house, which is planning to make a film with this director, too wanted to give an ad. They thought they would achieve two objectives – to greet the director and announce their project. But, the ad never came.

The reason? The director first wanted to make a film with the production house that has always banked on him. So, the big banner production house thought why spend a lakh or two when their project is not being taken up immediately.