30 Weds 21 Review – A Sweet rom-com

Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Ananya, Mahendar, Divya, Veerabhadram, Sri Kumari, Narendra Vanam, Anitha Vanam
Directed by – Prithvi Vanam
Produced by – Anurag – Sharath
Written by – #అసమర్ధుడు & Manoj P
Cinematography – Prathyaksh Raju
Editing & Designing – Tarak Sai Prathik
Music – Jose Jimmy

30 Weds 21 Review - A Sweet rom-com

Once in a while small films and web series become a talking point on social media. 30 Weds 21 is one show that has gone viral. Read our review to find if it has any juice or not.


The plot is quite simple. A 30-year-old fashioned guy played by Chaitanya Roa gets married to Meghana played by Ananya who is 21. The couple finds it hard to get along and this creates differences. How will they solve it and how the age gap issues are forgotten is the basic story.


Chaitanya Rao has been in the industry but he has got his due finally with this show. He as Prithivi, the confused sole who treats his wife as a kid is impressive and hands his character amazingly. One can connect to his pain in a big way. Ananya, the new actor is perfect for the role. She is confident and holds the screen with aplomb. She will be the one to watch out for through the show as her role is cute. The actor who plays the hero’s friend hams to another level.


Chai Bisket has made this show and they have got things right. Prithvi Vanam is the man behind the show and he directs it in a simple way without creating any melodrama. The episodes are short and are on point and thus do not irritate you with their runtime.

The show is all about the age gap and how one thinks about it in his life. Though this is a very normal factor, it has been executed in the best possible way. The fun factor has been kept intact and this where the show clicks.

The songs are to die for and have been composed so effectively. There are many shows which have simple stories but their breezy narration works wonders. 30 Weds 21 is that one show which brings a smile to your face.

Bottom Line – Go for it

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