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Aadujeevitham movie review and rating: Did Prithviraj Sukumaran’s hard work pay off?

Goat life review

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s long-awaited passion project, “The Goat Life,” has finally been released. Directed by Blessy, the film is based on the popular Malayalam novel, Aadujeevitham. It’s now showing to Telugu audiences. Let’s find out how the movie is.

Story:Najeeb (Prithviraj Sukumaran) arrives in Saudi Arabia with his friend Hakeem (KR Gokul) for a job. They don’t speak Hindi or English and appear lost at the airport. While waiting for their sponsor, Khafeel (Talib Al Balushi) realizes they are vulnerable to exploitation. He deceives Najeeb and Hakeem, taking them with him. Najeeb is assigned to be a goatherd on a remote farm in the desert. He becomes separated from Hakeem. The movie, “The Goat Life,” follows Najeeb’s journey from there.

Performances and Technical AspectsCredit goes to Prithviraj Sukumaran for his willingness to explore diverse scripts. Taking on a project like “The Goat Life” involves significant risk, but this Malayalam star embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. Prithviraj poured his heart and soul into the film, delivering an unforgettable performance as Najeeb. His portrayal effectively captures Najeeb’s vulnerability and despair. Furthermore, Prithviraj’s remarkable transformations for the role are truly impressive.

The background score by AR Rahman enhances the film’s impact, complementing multiple scenes effectively. Sunil K.S.’s cinematography skillfully portrays Prithviraj’s suffering and anguish. However, the editing in the first half leaves room for improvement.

Director Blessy deserves praise for his detailed storytelling approach. However, the film’s excessive length could have been addressed more effectively, particularly in the first half.

Analysis:The majority of the film takes place in the desert, and the team’s tremendous effort deserves recognition. The desert scenery and accompanying background score propel the narrative forward.

The sandstorm scene, a pivotal moment in the story, is executed well. The second half of the film is slightly stronger than the first, with commendable performances from Jimmy Jean-Louis and KR Gokul in their supporting roles.

While promotional interviews have stated that “The Goat Life” isn’t aimed at winning awards, it lacks typical commercial elements. As a result, those expecting a conventional entertainer may be disappointed.

The protagonist’s challenges are depicted realistically and with attention to detail, although some viewers may find this approach tedious. The film lacks cinematic flair, which may not appeal to all audiences. Prithviraj’s character’s language barrier adds depth to the story but also extends the runtime.

The first half unfolds at a leisurely pace, occasionally giving the impression that the plot stagnates. Incorporating the suffering of the protagonist’s family members could have added depth to the narrative. Additionally, Amala Paul’s role could have been developed more effectively.

Verdict:Overall, “The Goat Life” is a sincere effort to portray a true-to-life survival tale, but its slow pace and lack of commercial elements may limit its appeal. The extended runtime is also a significant drawback. Prithviraj Sukumaran delivers an exceptional performance and may even garner awards for his portrayal of Najeeb. However, the film’s detailed approach contributes to its sluggishness, particularly in the first half. Nevertheless, if you appreciate art cinema, it’s worth giving it a chance.

Rating :2/5

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