Review: keshava

Nikhil is one actor who has a reputation of selecting some very interesting films. So, obviously his new film Keshava is also in discussion all over now as has released today. Read on to see what kind of stuff it has.


Murders keep happening one after the other and the cops do not have any clue as to who is doing all these. A special cop is brought in to crack the case. She finds out that a guy named Keshav played by Nikhil is behind all this. She even manages to arrest him but Keshava fights hard and fulfills his revenge. How he does it is the story of the film.


Nikhil is the best part of the film as his performance and emotional outburst drives the film to a decent level. You will see the young hero in a never before avatar doing serious crimes quite convincingly. Nikhil tried hard in his looks and act and fairs well. Ritu Varma and Priyadarshi have been wasted in the film. Isha Koppikar is very good as the female cop and looks hot too. Rao Ramesh, Ajay, and other actors perform well in the film.

Overall Analysis:

Keshava is a simple story told in a very stylish manner. The proceedings are quite gripping as Sudheer Varma narrates the film in a retro kind of a way different from what we are used to generally. The first has all the murders and they have been shown quite interestingly.
One should compulsorily appreciate Vennela Kishore for his hilarious comedy during this time. He packs a punch.

The cameraman does an amazing job as the visuals are very new for Telugu films. Things go wrong during the second half as there are many scenes which have not been ended well. The hero’s motive is not that serious for him to commit those gory crimes.

The climax is a bit unclear as we do not know how Nikhil comes to know the truth of the villain. Having said all of these, Keshava has a good amount of suspense and is surely worth a watch this Friday. Just go in with an open mind.

One Line Verdict:

Nikhil is different again