Actress’ befitting reply to a troll

Celebrities and trolls go hand-in-hand. Actresses are more prone to online trolling for no fault of theirs. In the past, we have seen how actress Kareena Kapoor to Taapsee Pannu to Radhika Apte was subjected to trolling. The latest to get trolled is South actress Athmika, who was trolled by comparing her picture with men who dressed up as a woman on women’s day. But, the actress rather being in silence chose to give back with a befitting reply. Aathmika posted a lengthy post and subsequently, the troller has now deleted his Instagram post.

This is what she posted on her Instagarm:

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Dear brother, First of all I’m so glad that you are comparing me with these legends in the picture. Grateful ! 🙏🏻 And secondly, this response is not only to you but to people with similar mindsets. Do you think I feel bad looking at this picture or I feel funny ? I neither felt both. I feel bad for you, the way you have been conditioned from your childhood to understand how a man and woman should exactly look.. brother, it doesn’t really matter! Infact I’m so curious to know how physically beautiful you are. Even if you’re a Hrithik Roshan lookalike, I still feel you are an ugly person because you don’t have a beautiful heart. You seek happiness in hurting others. I just pray for you to heal and understand that beauty is something that should come from within. Your opinion is a deviation from what a million other people think of me. Anyhow, I’m writing this on behalf of all the women who have been trolled for their success, beauty, the way they dress, the way they look, the way they walk etc, on the whole for being who they are. But being a women, especially on women’s day I couldn’t keep calm. I can’t let this happen to any other women hereafter. You or anybody cannot define how a woman should look. Tall or short, fair or dark, fat or thin, ugly or beautiful, manly or womanly. Everybody is unique and beautiful in their own ways. We are not judging men on how they look, we see them how they treat us and respect us. Cause we respect them more for their uniqueness. God has given us this and we are happy and successful with whatever we have. Take care of your mother, sisters or any other woman around you and accept them for who they are 😇 Bold , Fearless and Confident are my beauty✨ #Happywomensday brother 😇 ( I’m quite certain you must be a guy, cause women don’t hurt or pull each other down) My gift for you @mokka_rated_0.00 today is making you famous – what you have been longing for so long!!! Take care 😇 Loads of love to you ❤️

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