Ex-boyfriend releases video of him kissing actress

Actress Adhiti Menon former boyfriend Abi Saravanan has released a video of himself along with the actress where they share a kiss to prove his marriage claims with Aditi. The video shows Abi Saravanan tying mangalasutra around Aditi’s neck and then she is seen planting a kiss. The video since then has been doing the rounds on social media.

According to Abi Saravanan, Aditi is having affair with a boy identified Sujeeth and is trying to destroy evidence. Following which he has to upload the clip claiming their marriage took place, which she denies. To this, Aditi said, “Ever since I broke my relationship with Abi Saravanan, I’ve been undergoing several problems. He had been going around telling that I’ve married him and also produced false documents to prove his claim. This January, my Twitter and social media accounts were hacked and my personal information has been leaked. This is why I decided to take this matter to the police. I have complained against him for producing false documents to Madurai court, for involving in cyber-crime and for attacking my sister”.

Meanwhile, check out the video: