Actor Directs Traffic, Viral Video

Count on Jackie Shroff to do the unusual thing which is a rarest of rare to find any actor doing it. The actor was in Lucknow whose vehicle was caught in the busy traffic. But, to our sight, instead of waiting for someone else to clear the traffic, the actor himself got down from his car and was seen clearing the traffic. The video of the act is doing the rounds on social media, which was posted by himself.

Don’t believe us? Check yourself out…

Jackie Shroff Directs Traffic On Busy Road

Lucknow Traffic Control…

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The video has been watched many times on Twitter and Instagram and received a barrage of comments in appreciation of “bhidu bhai”. “Bhidu is absolutely a true human and that makes him Hero in real life,” wrote a user, while another said, ” That’s the reason why people love you”. It is learnt that Jackie was in Lucknow to shoot Hindi remake of Telugu film Prasthanam.