Actress Trolled for Independence Day Post:Guess who?

One of the most sought after actress in Bollywood is none other than Priyanka Chopra. She is juggling between Hollywood and Bollywood films. Recently, She came to India for inevitable reasons.

Two months ago, When she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi she got trolled for an indecent dress. Lately, Priyanka Chopra now facing the fury of some netizens for allegedly ‘disrespecting’ the Indian national flag.

On the eve of 71st Independence Day, She posted a video on a social network where she was seen wearing a beautiful Tricolour scarf. Within seconds people started pouring comments on Tricolour scarf and few people were saying to PC not use the National flag as a clothing item.

Priyanka fans were supporting and saying to people that the Tricolor scarf she wore can’t be a national flag because it didn’t contain the ‘Ashoka Chakra’. She is making India proud globally that might be the reason haters are targeting her on social media.