Akhanda Movie Review

Starring: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Pragya Jaiswal, JagapathiBabu, Srikanth, Avinash, Poorna, Subbaraju
Director: Boyapati Srinu
Producers: Miryala Ravinder Reddy
Music Director: Thaman S
Cinematography : C. Ram Prasad
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao
Release Date : December 02,2021

Akhanda Movie Review

Akhanda is Balayya’s comeback film with Boyapati Sreenu. The film has been released in a big way and, read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Murali Krishan(Balakrishna) is the man of the masses who marries a collector played by Pragya Jaiswal. But as she has issues with a mining scam, Murali Krishna helps her out and gets into deep problems. But he is sent behind bars for no reason and his family is in deep trouble. To save his family Akhanda(Balakrishna) comes in and changes the game. Who is he and how he saves is the story.


Akhanda is dominated by Balakrishna only and none of the others get much screen space. But boy, Balayya shows his Viswaroopam like never before and pleases his fans completely. In the first half, a much softer Balayya is showcased, and in the second Balayya as Akhanda is shown superbly.

Pragya Jaiswal suits well along with Balayya and does well. Srikanth is one more highlight of the film as he is amazing in a negative role. Jagapathi Babu was just about okay. But the main villains are not that great.


When it comes to showcasing Balayya, no one can do it better than Boyapati. He has done that once again as he shows Balayya like a powerful bulldozer. The film starts off well and has moments that will keep the fans thrilled.

In all this, Thaman is the hero as his BGM has given goosebumps to the fans. But Akhanda is not short of issues. There is no novelty in the storyline and the second half is dull as only fights are showcased.

The lack of a proper villain hurts the film. Srikanth’s role is ended early and there is no opposition for Balayya, who keeps killing the villains. The film gets diluted because of this and even fans get bored.

But Boyapati has kept things in a way that when you are getting bored, one good scene comes in and lifts the spirits. Box office wise also, the film can do well as it is aimed at the masses.

The only thing lacking here is the novelty and an emotional connection. But the rest of the film has Balayya in full glory.

Bottom Line – Balayya roars

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