Ali Zafar Files 1 Billion Defamation Case Over Damaging His Character

Pakistani actor Ali Zafar has filed a defamation suit against actor-singer Meesha Shafi who had accused him of sexual harassment.

Ali Zafar Files Defamation Suit Against Meesha

“The tweet dated 19.04.2018 and the Instep Article dated 21.04.2018 are false, slanderous, and defamatory statements, stand published and originate from the defendant, therefore, have caused tremendous injury to the Plaintiff’s reputation, good will, livelihood; being attempts to tarnish the good image of the plaintiff. As the defamatory statements are patently false, it can only be concluded that this malicious campaign has been launched against the plaintiff as part of a motivated conspiracy to tarnish the plaintiff’s good image through making false accusations,” the notice read.

Meesha Shafi has accused Zafar who sexually exploiting her and revealed it on her Twitter associating herself with #MeToo movement. “This happened to me despite the fact I am an empowered, accomplished woman who is known for speaking her mind!” she posted.

Soon after this, Zafar had tweeted, “I intend to take this through the courts of law, and to address this professionally and seriously rather than to lodge any accusations here”.