aLIEkya- Girl’s Encounter With true Love!


Does every love story has a rosy ending? What if your partner breaks the promise and betrays you by breaking the trust and faith? aLIEkya, a girl who is madly in love with her beau is ready to elope with him. But what happens when she encounters the true colours of her boyfriend. Directed by Charan Kasinadhuni, the short film shows the girl’s journey towards the truth.

The short film over 10-minutes 45 seconds shows the girl leaving her home to stay with her boyfriend. She boards a cab to reach her destination, but en route, the talk between her and the cabbie makes her realise the true character of her boyfriend. How she comes to know his betrayal and her reunion with her parents forms the story. The actors who essayed their respective roles are -Sharddha Kusummalpath, Sanyudavalagar, Shaik Abid.

Check out the video: