Allu Arjun Proud Moment Through Daughter Arha

Stylish Star Allu Arjun has a proud moment and he shared it on the social media platform. Folks before you jump to conclusion assuming that it must be related to his films, then you are mistaken. The actor shared about his little daughter Arha, who made Allu Arjun a proud papa who performed for the first time at her school. The actor on Instagram shared a beautiful picture of Arha from the Academic Year End Celebrations with the cation, “Arha’s 1st show ever. Academic Year End Celebrations! What an important moment as a parent . Soo Happy #newyorkacademy”.

Allu Arjun Shares Adorable Picture Of Allu Arha

The picture has over 2 lakh likes so far. Allu Arjun is a doting father and often gives his fans a peek-a-book by keeping them updated with his family snaps, whether holidaying or having his “me time”. The actor, in fact, made his Instagram debut on Arha’s first birthday, and shared his daughter’s first picture which read, “Happy Birthday to my Lil Angel Arha! Can’t believe it’s One year already. Muah! #happybirthday #arha #1stbday #alluprincess #1stpost.”

Allu Arjun is married to Sneha who welcomed Arha last year and have a three-year-old son.