Angad Bedi does a Naveen Polisetty in ‘Mum Bhai’

Remember the scene in Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya where Naveen Polisetty reels of a lengthy monologue while selling books? Actor Angad Bedi does a ditto in his up and coming web series Mum Bhai. Here as a waiter in a hotel, he replies to a customer what all is listed in the menu non stop.  Created by Apoorva Lakhia, Mum Bhai will start streaming from November 12 on ALTBalaji and ZEE5. “Mangalore se bhaga hua ek ladka, hotel ki safai karte karte, Mumbai ka top encounter specialist ban gaya” – This is how Angad Bedi’s character is introduced in the Mum Bhai trailer. The 12-episode series also stars Sikander Kher and Sandeepa Dhar in the lead roles. Bedi, last seen in Gunjan Saxena, will be seen playing a trigger-happy cop in Mum Bhai. The series will also delve into his close friendship with the don in the city, and how being on the other side of the law affects their bond.

angan bedi

Mum Bhai, which is made on a huge scale, tells the journey of Bhaskar Shetty, who becomes the bhai of the city. He is actually a regular guy who has big aspirations for himself. Bhaskar is passionate about becoming an officer and does become an encounter specialist. While discovering himself, he also gets fascinated by cinema. And that love is seen in the way he stands, or gets his pictures clicked. He is childlike and has that innocence in him. He claims that one day, there will be a film made on him. He has high aspirations and dares to speak the unspoken. That’s a very endearing quality in him.  About the popular scene in the promo, he says, “To tell you the truth, it was an improvised scene as there were no dialogues. We were there on sets and Akshay Chaubey (director) wanted a shot in the restaurant where Bhaskar works. He is a guy who understands the mood and asks an actor what they want to do in a particular scene. While discussing, I felt that in a hotel, you could either wash utensils, carry some sacks or recite the menu.

To make it look authentic, we got the menu, and I learnt it by heart and decided to say it in one breath. We, fortunately, managed to get it in two takes. It was very difficult but has made a good impact, and people did take notice, and even enjoyed it.He further says, “When you are doing anything representing your country, there’s a solid emotion to the whole journey. Be it playing a jawan, police officer or even a cricketer, it brings a different kind of joy. More so because you are getting to do what 99 per cent of the population cannot do. What these real heroes are doing is commendable. Most of them also have to overcome so many barriers and hurdles to reach where they are. I have a different kind of respect for people who put their life on the line. So I try to pick those characters in which I can feel that joy. And the same thing happened in Mum Bhai too, where Bhaskar faces so many problems to eventually become the officer he always aspired to be.”

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